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Back Page: Deadspin’s best rip is that the Lions are the Lions

By Derek Wetmore

Some teams are easy for their fans to love, which makes them prime targets for other fans to hate. The Patriots, for example. The Dallas Cowboys, for another. Or the Green Bay Packers, to pick a more regional lightning rod.

Other teams, wells, they can be hard even for their own fans to love. Which also makes them harder to get passionate about hating.

Take the Detroit Lions for example.

Today we feature Deadspin’s attack on the Lions. It’s one of a series called ‘Why Your Team Sucks,’ originally published before the season began. We’ve already tackled the rest of the division.

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In the case of the Vikings, author Drew Magary (a Vikings fan) really went to town. He was great and vulgar and harsh. The Packers, same deal. Ripping the star player, the team, and the fans of each team. With the Bears it was a little less parody and a little more ripping Jay Cutler. (Then the Bears beat the Vikings on Monday Night Football.)

With the Lions, the piece written in August doesn’t exactly hold up as well. There’s not as much venom.

Don’t get us wrong — there’s still plenty of mean stuff. On Matthew Stafford, Anquon Boldin, Lions ownership and Lions fans. It’s just that with the Lions at 4-4 and Stafford looking like the best QB in the NFC North, the attacks fall apart a little bit.

Here are some of the highlights from that piece, which is not safe for work but still worth your time, if for no other reason than the angered and tattooed die-hard Lions fan ranting about being thrown out of the game for cheering. Seriously.

No other team is so perennially capable of stringing you along for a bit, and then having its past reputation for losing and dirty nut-stomping collide with its present incompetence in one fantastic moment of abject stupidity.

Well… That could be fair.

How about this?

You guys make Cleveland seemed blessed by comparison.

I mean, they won an NBA championship and came within one run of winning the World Series in the most memorable Game 7 in recent history. (The Cleveland point used to stand, but other than the Browns, we probably have to be nice to that city for a while now.)

Deadspin also made fun of Detroit’s new president saying that “I would probably say that I’m not qualified to run any other NFL team but I think I’m qualified to run this one.”

Which, we know what he probably meant, but it’s funny in the context of the Lions being the Lions.

A look at the weapons that have made Matt Stafford great again

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Read more from the series here:

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