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Zimmer: ‘I called a bad game’ against Chicago

By Matthew Coller

Speaking with the media on Thursday, Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer took responsibility for his team’s worst defensive performance of the year.

“I called a bad game, it was a terrible game,” Zimmer said following practice. “We didn’t cover and they made plays. Sometimes that happens. It was one of my worst calling games I’ve had in awhile.”

The Vikings’ top-ranked defense gave up the most points with 20 and most yards it has allowed all season with 403 total. What went wrong with calling the game?

“You’re a call behind or you get a feel, you know I’ve done it for 100 years now,” Zimmer said. “I pretty much know when I do bad.”

It was also the most yards allowed in the running game with 158, all but five of those yards coming from running back Jordan Howard.

“The first run we missed two tackles and that’s 69 yards there, then at the end of the game guys kind of started freelancing,” Zimmer said. “For the most part, I didn’t think it was the running game that beat us.”

The Vikings’ head coach said the Detroit’s offense has “different wrinkles” than it has in the past, but gave quarterback Matthew Stafford the credit for its significant improvement over the Lions team Minnesota faced last year.

Zimmer said his eye is feeling better after having a procedure on it on Tuesday morning.

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