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Mike Zimmer has surgery to repair a torn retina, watches film with one eye

By Derek Wetmore

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. – Lost in the shuffle of Norv Turner’s resignation on Wednesday morning was the latest in a long line of facts pointing to the conclusion that Mike Zimmer is a tough son of a gun.

The Vikings head coach said he’d been having vision problems, which he said required he analyze football film with one eye closed and made him wear glasses while writing because he couldn’t see well out of the eye.

Turns out, his retina was torn and he needed surgery to correct the problem Tuesday.

“During the game [Monday] I scratched my eyes, so the doctors after the game check and had me get in for an appointment and I found out that I had a torn retina. And then Dr. Scott Sanderson and Dr. David Williams performed a procedure on my eye. They said if you don’t take care of those things that you have a possibility of going blind.”

Zimmer started his press conference by apologizing for not appearing before the media Tuesday, the day he had the surgery. He also was back at work the same day. He slept at the football facility. He is a football lifer.

Retinal tearing is a potentially serious issue if not caught early enough. If the retina detaches, it could cause blindness in that eye, according to someone in the medical community. But it’s possible it would have grown progressively worse and it would have been checked out and surgically fixed before Zimmer met that end. After the surgery, it’s a fairly quick fix, but it’s still noteworthy that Zimmer can’t stop working for a day.

Zimmer was asked if he eye problem will impact his ability to study film.

“No, I’ve been watching film with one eye all week, or whatever it is,” he said. “I’ve had to where reading glasses so I can write down, because the one eye, I can’t see out of when I write.

“But fortunately, it’s probably a good thing that I scratched my eye during the game otherwise I may not have caught it in time. But hopefully everything will be all right.”

He said it with a grin. It’s not clear that he was joking.

Zimmer said that he slept at the practice facility Tuesday night. It wouldn’t be the first time. And knowing how hard-driving he can be, it sure won’t be the last.

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