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No team spared: Deadspin blasts Jay Cutler, John Fox and Bears fans

By Derek Wetmore

OK, so nobody reading this website or existing in this galaxy is particularly worried about the Chicago Bears winning the NFC North this season.

We’ve already posted Deadspin’s account of Why The Vikings Suck, and Why The Packers Suck, so it’s only fair that we keep that up for the whole division. And the Bears’ version, we’ve gotta say, reads less like a parody than the other two.

This is the team that prompted a reporter to ask Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer this week: “What do you think it is that makes the Bears — for lack of a better word — bad?”

Snickers were stifled.

But none of that stopped Deadspin from ripping into Jay Cutler, John Fox, the Bears team as a whole and in partciular their Chicago-based fans in the website’s annual ‘Why Your Team Sucks’ series. Warning: We’re going to link to that article here, but it’s got some foul language, so if you’re reading this with children in the room, you may just want to bookmark it for later.

Given Chicago’s 1-6 start and that they’re the worst team in the division, it feels mean to share this, but the ethos here is fairness, not niceness, and we already shared the Vikings and Packers hatchet jobs.

–They ripped the offense for being stuck way, way in the past and losing two of its legitimate weapons in Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett.

–They described Jay Cutler as “less a quarterback these days than he is a chronic diagnosis.”


For real, I can’t believe he’s still here. I bet HE can’t believe he’s still here. For years now, Jay Cutler has been mentally prepared to walk off the field in the middle of the first quarter and retire to a life of homemade goat milk vaccinations…

Sometimes Cutler gets a bad rap for his perceived lack of leadership and some of the body language he’s shown on the sidelines in important games in the past (remember when Chicago had important games?). Well, Deadspin writer Drew Magary wrote that Cutler “doesn’t even DESERVE to be stereotyped as a reckless, yard-hogging, turnover-prone idiot. He’s not prolific enough to merit that label. I don’t think there’s ever been a weaker franchise cornerstone.”


–Par for the course, they also picked apart the stereotypical Chicagoan Bears fan, which ought to really rile up some Bears loyalists.

If you can put up with the swearing and the over-the-top Bears bashing, you can check out the full post here.

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