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Trap games don’t exist, but if they did Zimmer wouldn’t call Texans game one

By Matthew Coller

A few years ago, a guy named Kevin Meers, who went to Harvard and now works for the Cleveland Browns as their Director of Research and Strategy, more or less proved that “trap games” do not exist.

“In possible letdown games, the above .500 team won 82.2% of the time over 242 games – 2.7 percentage points higherthan in the overall sample. Like the difference in trap game win percentage, this difference is not statistically significant (t = 0.30),” he wrote.

Buuuuuut if they did exist, Mike Zimmer would not call this weekend’s matchup with the Houston Texans a trap game. The Minnesota Vikings are 4-0 and they play one of the most intriguing teams in the Philadelphia Eagles after the bye week, which would cause some to suggest the team would overlook Houston. But the Texans’ record, Zimmer says, precludes them from trap game status.

“Trust me, this isn’t a trap game,” Zimmer said Thursday. “These guys are 3-1, they are AFC South champions and they’ve got a good program so we’re going to have to play really good to win.”

Zimmer was on the same coaching staff with Bill Parcells when he famously hung mouse traps in the locker room to remind players of the threat of the thing that doesn’t actually exist.

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