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On Vikings, Kickers Walsh And Locke Having Very Different Seasons

By Vikings – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Blair Walsh has suffered through an up-and-down early season. He’ll talk about it, but not very much.

“Just going out there and trying to make kicks this week, and win the game,” he said to reporters in the locker room who asked about his recent missed field goal against the Giants.

Meanwhile, the other half of the kicking duo has enjoyed a very good season, so far. Jeff Locke understands there is an ebb-and-flow to the game, especially on the special teams.

Locke has been where he wants to be so far: strong and accurate. That’s what they mean when they say, “in-the-zone.”

“I’ve kind of learned over this past year that when you’re in a game, you’re not really controlling your body anymore. It’s all mind when you get in that zone,” Locke said. “That’s kind of all I think about, is controlling what I’m thinking about and trying to keep it as simple as possible with what I’m doing on the field.

What Locke and Walsh do in kicking a ball is somewhat akin to hitting a golf ball.

“Definitely,” Locke said. “In punting, I kind of have different types of strokes, different types of areas of the field. So I can equate that to my wedge game, my driver, stuff like that. But usually I zone in a little better punting than I do golfing.”

Blair Walsh likes golf too, but right now he’s just talking football — or hardly talking.

“It’s whatever,” Walsh said to reporters in the locker room.

Source:: CBS Minnesota

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