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Adrian Peterson admits he missed chances for big runs in Week 1

By Matthew Coller

After reviewing his game against the Tennessee Titans, running back Adrian Peterson took (some) responsibility for his struggles in his 31-yard Week 1 performance.

“First off, give credit to the Tennessee defense, they presented a tough challenge for us,” Peterson said. “We didn’t win every battle up front, we had our share that we did win but in the midst of that there were a couple opportunities, I would say like three or four runs where I think patience and using my vision more would have allowed for some big chunks.”

A review of the offensive line by 1500ESPN contributor Arif Hasan revealed that Peterson was often hit in the backfield before having a chance to break out.

“In the NFL, you will have games where it’s rough and I can look back and see, ‘what did I miss?” Peterson said. “Where can I correct myself and be better? That’s where those three or four plays show up in the run game and I have to be able to execute.”

At least based on the Week 1 results, Peterson may be facing a pretty strong run defense in Green Bay. The Packers shut down Jacksonville’s TJ Yeldon, allowing 39 yards on 21 carries.

On Monday, Mike Zimmer said the failure of the running game was a combination of Peterson missing a few holes and offensive line struggles. He also noted that the Vikings cannot allow opponents to dictate how they run their offense by always checking to pass plays on eight-man fronts.

Peterson is used to being the main target of opponents’ attacks. Even with promising young quarterback Teddy Bridgewater under center, Minnesota ranked 32nd in passing yards.

Weird how sports works sometimes: Eric Kendricks missed the preseason and won Defensive Player of the Week, but since Peterson struggled Week 1, he was asked about skipping preseason.

“You can go back and say, ‘well, you didn’t play in the preseason and you aren’t used to being out there with these guys going full throttle’ but when you watch the film, you see the little things that stopped [us] from being really efficient in the run game,” Peterson said.

The Vikings’ star running back, like everyone else whose name appears in a phone book, was asked about whether Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford would start Sunday.

“This week I’ve been laying back and getting my shoulder warmed up and taking some snaps from the quarterback position,” he said.

Now – one part of the quote that was hard to figure out whether he was kidding or not, Peterson said he did know who was starting.

We all kinda know, right?

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