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Packers coach McCarthy preparing for Bradford, Vikings mum on QB decision

By Matthew Coller

Mike Zimmer just smiled and shrugged when he was asked about whether Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford would start for the Vikings on Sunday Night Football against the Green Bay Packers.

“You’ll have to find out on Sunday,” Zimmer remarked.

While the Vikings’ head coach is enjoying having a little fun with the “who’s the quarterback?” game, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was clear on who he thinks is starting.

“We’re preparing for both Shaun and Sam, it’s important to recognize that, but my understanding is that it may be Sam Bradford,” McCarthy said.

Naturally, both Hill and Bradford politely revealed Sunday’s starter and we all moved on with our lives. Oh wait, no, that didn’t happen.

“I approach every week the exact same,” Hill, who would later note that he’s gotten into Bob the Builder recently on Nick, said.

Hill made some nice throws in Sunday’s 25-16 win, even stepping up in the pocket to avoid pass rushers at times. That was nothing compared to his question dodge on Wednesday. He was asked when he found out during last week that he would start against Tennessee.

“Sometime during the week,” Hill said, grinning.

To quote Ron Burgundy: I’m not even mad. I’m impressed.

Sam Bradford, who literally everyone including the Pope believes will start on Sunday, dropped a few, “you’ll have to ask coach” lines, but also gave an update on how he’s coming along in the offense.

“It gets better every day,” he said. “It’s much better now than it was at this point last week. Being able to go through a week of practice, being at the game on the sidelines hearing the play calls and visualizing the game in my head, I feel much better now.”

Bradford told the media throng went through the laundry list of things he’s improved since arriving via a trade with the Eagles.

“Where I learned the most was last week on the practice field,” Bradford said. Getting live reps, getting out there and running the plays, calling them in the huddle, getting to the line, going through the calls, hearing the communication, that’s where I noticed the biggest difference.”

The quarterback mind game is now a bored game for media, coach and the players. Sorry! But the Mousetrap to gather a Clue about which QB will be numero Uno has become quite the Operation. Somebody needs to Break the Ice and, take a Risk and get it off their Chess


Bradford’s dry sense of humor occasionally comes through in these things. He was asked if he remember past times he played against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

“It probably didn’t go well for us,” Bradford said.

He’s mostly right. The Packers won both games vs. Bradford during his career and he had a 79.2 quarterback rating.

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