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Deadspin rips on Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy and Packers fans

By Derek Wetmore

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Yes, we know Deadspin is just going for humor.

We posted a Vikings edition of Deadspin’s great series ‘Why Your Team Sucks,’ and you wouldn’t believe how many responses we got saying something to the effect of, ‘You know this is a joke, right?’

We do. And we still get a kick out of it.

And it would hardly be fair if we published the Vikings’ roundup without taking a look around the rest of the NFC North, right?

Let’s start with the Packers! (Warning before reading the full post, some of the language is not exactly safe for work.)

Resident Vikings fan Drew Magary digs in on this one, too, calling the Packers a “Ned Flanders NFL franchise,” and acknowledging that nothing brings him more joy than when Green Bay finds a way to waste another season of having Aaron Rodgers.

Neither head coach Mike McCarthy nor GM Ted Thompson are spared. Here’s an excerpt:

[McCarthy] fired himself as playcaller before last season and then, inevitably, rehired himself. Because if anyone is gonna drive this sorryass team into a ditch, it’s gonna be HIM. I love him. I want to adopt him and feed him table food.

Or how about this one?

McCarthy must really be feeling his oats because he took a moment this offseason to reportedly vent his frustration at GM Ted Thompson, whose allergy to free agency is so severe that he makes the Steelers look like the f——Boston Red Sox.

They also go after Rodgers, saying he’ll retire with just one Super Bowl, and highlighting the fact that he’s sensitive about his height.

It goes on to attack the people of Wisconsin and the small town of Green Bay. We’ll stay out of that here, but you can read the full post if you’re into that sort of thing.

It fits the old saying that people who cheer for the Vikings have two favorite NFL teams: The Vikings, and whoever is playing the Packers.

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