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GM Rick Spielman says Vikings are in the market for a quarterback

By Matthew Coller

MINNEAPOLIS — Before the Minnesota Vikings’ final preseason game, general manager Rick Spielman confirmed what we all assumed after Teddy Bridgwater suffered a serious knee injury on Tuesday: The team is in the market for a quarterback.

Spielman said the Vikings’ brass spent 14 hours in the office going over film and looking into every possible option to find a backup quarterback for Shaun Hill or even a potential starter.

“We are in a position where we are trying to find potentially a quarterback in 48 hours,” Spielman said. “How many teams are going to give up a significant (quarterback). They don’t fall out of trees. If you have one, you sure aren’t going to give one up. If you have a young one that you think is going to be the future, you aren’t going to give that up.”

While there are plenty of options on the table, Spielman made clear that he greatly values draft picks and is not willing to trade away major assets for a quarterback.

“We work too hard as as coaches and scouts to draft guys and to develop guys to just go out and give them away for a guy who may come in for seven months and that young guy is going to be here and be a significant player for us for years to come,” he said.

One thing holding up progress on a potential move is that many teams are in action Thursday night and have not made roster decisions yet.

“Everybody wants to make sure they get healthy,” Spielman said.” It’s likely that the starters are going to play very little, all the backups are going to play, so maybe all the sudden the tone may change a little bit, all the sudden we have an extra guy and maybe it’s different.”

Just in case you were wondering, the Vikings’ GM joked that Brett Favre’s recent Hall of Fame induction probably precluded him from being an option. He also confirmed the Vikings have not called Peyton Manning.

But Spielman left the door open to nearly every other possibility.

“Teams could potentially trade a guy, or who they’re going to cut,” he said. “But I know we’re as prepared as we ever have been, or as we’ve always been, for when someone comes off the wire…like we did last year, we traded for Sirles. Or you don’t even know what happens in the season, the trade deadline isn’t until later. Things change.”

Even if the Vikings do trade for a potential replacement for Hill as starter, it seems unlikely a quarterback could prepare himself quickly enough to start Week 1 against Tennessee.

“It’s extremely hard, because he’s got to come in and learn the system,” the Vikings’ GM said. “He’s never thrown a pass to any of our receivers. All that chemistry and stuff that you put in the whole offseason, through the OTAs, through the minicamp, through training camp, through the preseason, it’s different than maybe another sport. You just can’t plug a guy in, especially at that position and just say, ‘OK, this is easy.’”

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