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Sporting News lists Peterson, Moss among most hated NFL players of all time

By Derek Wetmore

It’s no secret that Adrian Peterson had his name in the news for the wrong reasons two years ago.

Still, it was a little surprising for me when I read that the Sporting News considers him one of the 10 most hated NFL players of all time. Yet that’s exactly where he ranked in a listicle published Thursday, the day the Vikings reported to training camp in Mankato.

Former Vikings star receiver Randy Moss checked in at No. 18.

Two seasons ago the Vikings’ superstar running back was engulfed in a court case – and then embroiled in a dispute with the NFL over the fairness of its internal justice mechanism – after he was indicted on charges of felony child abuse. He eventually pled no contest to reckless assault (a misdemeanor) and was held out for the rest of the 2014 season.

He returned last year and won the rushing title and helped propel the Vikings to the NFC North division title.

But in the subjective opinion of the Sporting News, he has not yet lived down the suspension.

Here’s my two cents. Maybe my perspective is skewed because I cover the team and because I regularly interact with Vikings fans who are fully supportive of Peterson. Originally when he returned I’d hear the occasional comment that fans wrestling with the morality of the league and Peterson’s actions would boycott the popular running back, but his No. 28 jersey remains a popular fixture at training camp, in merchandise stores and in the stands on Sundays.

In my opinion, it’s hard to see Peterson as the 10th most hated NFL player of all time. But again, maybe my perspective is so warped by the myopia of covering the Vikings in Minnesota that I don’t have a good grasp of the bigger picture.

The rest of the names in the top 10, from Michael Vick to Ndamukong Suh, make sense to me.

It should be noted that SN intentionally left some names off the list because they are so obviously unpopular that it’s not worth debating. For example, they didn’t include Aaron Hernandez, O.J. Simpson or Ray Rice, because the reason eac would be hated was because of an alleged crime that came after their career or ended their career. (We have to say alleged for legal reasons, right?)

Here’s Sporting News: Instead, we narrowed the focus to players who were hated while they were on the field.

Fair enough.

The whole thing is contained within a very annoying slideshow format – because page views! – and features quite a few active players. (Here’s a trick: if you’d rather just fast-forward to the Peterson slide, you can click on the URL in your browser, scroll to the end and manually type in the number “31” after “slide/”. Or, you can click on this link here. Here’s Moss.)

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