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MN Vikings Tweets

Bleacher Report – Vikings

Vikings Twitter account pokes fun at Cordarrelle Patterson over rock-paper-scissors

By Derek Wetmore

The Vikings twitter account has more than 630,000 followers, which is a fairly good indication of the modern popularity of the NFL. The team isn’t afraid to have a little fun at the expense of one of its own players.

Some quick background. NFL teams have rules about what can and can’t be filmed during practices, and there are certain times that the media is allowed in to watch. The Buffalo Bills are perhaps the most infamous example currently, as the team instituted rules about what the media can’t share with audiences, including who started the practice at quarterback, who dropped or intercepted passes or even which players are practicing with the starters.

The Vikings, by comparison, are more lax, but you could understand why teams would want to clamp down on this stuff.

We wouldn’t want the results of rock-paper-scissors tournaments getting out there, now would we?

Don’t mess with @teddyb_h2o when it comes to Rock, Paper, Scissors.

— Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) June 1, 2016

The Vikings sent this tweet Wednesday all in good fun. Cordarrelle Patterson gets polished by Teddy Bridgewater in a rapid-fire round of the popular kids’ game.

Patterson, put on the defensive, tried to get out of the joke and the Vikings doubled down.

@teddyb_h2o where the @Vikings been at the last few weeks when I was up 6-0

— cordarrelle (@ceeflashpee84) June 1, 2016

The Vikings see your tweet, Mr. Patterson, and raise you once more.

@ceeflashpee84 @teddyb_h2o New number, who’s this?

— Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) June 1, 2016

Bridgewater followed that up with what we all were thinking.

— Teddy Bridgewater (@teddyb_h2o) June 1, 2016

Patterson, by the way, is in the final year of his contract with the Vikings.

He told reporters on Wednesday that he’d like to stay with the organization that drafted him.

The Vikings decided this offseason to not pick up the fifth year option of Patterson’s rookie contract, which means he could become a free agent after this season.

Patterson was asked about that decision Wednesday.

“That’s not my choice. I’ve been here for a couple years now and I would love to stay here. If things work out good I would love to be here. If not, I’ll take my talents somewhere else,” Patterson said.

Few question Patterson’s athleticism at this stage of his career, both as a receiver, a gadget player on offense, and especially as a kick returner. The offensive production hasn’t been there for a couple years now, and he’s been passed up by other receivers on the team’s depth chart.

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