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M&J Pecking Order: Minnesota sports teams that have annoyed us the most

By Phil Mackey

Every Tuesday at 10 a.m. on 1500 ESPN Twin Cities, Mackey & Judd unveil a new “Pecking Order,” ranking various things in and around the sports world from 1-10.

This week’s Pecking Order: Minnesota sports teams that have annoyed us the most

Feel free to debate in the comments below.


Mackey’s list:

1… 2006 Twins (AL batting champ… AL MVP… AL Cy Young… Torii career year… Cuddy career year… Punto career year… Liriano… And you get swept by the A’s?)

2… 1998 Vikings (They may have blown past the “annoying” exit, right to the “devastation” exit)

3… 2004-05 Timberwolves (Supposed to be an encore to the previous year)

4… 2013 Gophers hoops (In mid-Jan, they were ranked 8th in the country… They won FIVE games after that and failed to score more than 59 points NINE TIMES)

5… 2003 Gophers football (The Michigan game)

6… 2010 Twins (home field vs. Yankees… Legend of Jim Thome… Mauer + Morneau in prime… STILL get swept)

7… 2015 Minnesota Swarm… (They partnered with the Mackey & Judd Show, THEN MOVED TO GEORGIA!)

8… 1996 Twins (It was supposed to be a rejuvenation… Kirby Puckett, Paul Molitor… Then Puckett goes down with blindness… The Twins STILL finished top-10 in runs, but couldn’t get anyone out)

9… 2003 Gophers hockey (Thomas Vanek, Keith Ballard, 2 Potulnys, 3-4 key seniors)

10… 2005 Gophers hockey (Goligoski, Kessel, Potulny, Blake Wheeler … Holy Cross)

Judd’s list:

1… North Stars, 1981-1982: Lost Norris Division semifinal, 3-1, after finishing first in the division with 94 points after going to the Stanley Cup finals. This led to me being annoyed to this day.

2… Vikings, 2010: Everyone returns, you go 6-10, the coach is fired, the roof collapses and no one cares.

3… Wild, 2015-16: I could pick any number of recent Wild teams, given their drop-offs, but let’s just pick this year’s collection as the poster child.

4… Vikings, 1989: Mike Lynn traded for Herschel Walker in October 1989 in a deal that was supposed to lift the Vikings to Super Bowl status. They went 10-6 and lost in the second round of the playoffs.

5… Timberwolves, 2002-03: The seventh consecutive season in which the Wolves made the postseason and got knocked out. They did advance the next season.

6… Twins, 2010: Lost in LDS (3-0). Lost an LDS for the fifth time in a eight-year period before dropping off the map.

7… North Stars, 1992-93: Missed the playoffs and Norm Green moved them to Dallas after the season. Definition of annoying

8… Vikings, 1994: This was the third consecutive Vikings team to make the playoffs under Dennis Green and then lose in the first round.

9… Twins, 1992: This was the best Twins’ team I ever saw and then came the Eric Fox game in late July. Still finished 90-72, second in the Division.

10… Timberwolves, 2009-2010: Wolves went 15-67 in Kurt Rambis’ first season as coach. I found Rambis to be an incredibly annoying coach and those his teams annoyed me. Plus, started a two-year stretch in which the Wolves won 32 games.

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