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Zulgad: Vikings’ Pro Bowl snubs will give Zimmer a chance to send message

By Judd Zulgad

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer was asked Monday about the potential of his team getting multiple players in the Pro Bowl after having no one elected last season. The Vikings, who finished 7-9 in 2014, are a much-improved 9-5 this season and appear to be a lock to make the playoffs with two regular-season games remaining.

“I don’t know,” Zimmer said, responding with the enthusiasm of someone just asked if they would like a Root Canal. “I’m a team guy. If they get voted in, that’s great, I hope they do. And if they don’t, we’ve got to play better.”

On Tuesday evening, Zimmer and the Vikings got the answer to just how many of their players had been elected to the most meaningless all-star game in professional sports.

Running back Adrian Peterson, the NFL’s leading rusher, was headed to Hawaii and that was it. Nose tackle Linval Joseph and safety Harrison Smith might have been deserving of the honor but neither was elected.

Zimmer, undoubtedly, will be asked about the snubs on Wednesday and he’s certain to give a snooze-inducing response that conveys his apathy for the Pro Bowl voting process.

Don’t be fooled by this. Zimmer is no dummy.

Zimmer has made it clear on a few occasions that he jumps at the chance to motivate his players by delivering a message about what fans and media think they can’t do. Zimmer’s “we get no respect” message begins with himself and then is applied to his players.

This week’s initial motivational tool is an easy one. The Vikings will face the New York Giants on Sunday night at TCF Bank Stadium, meaning Zimmer is sure to bring up the fact his team is 1-5 in prime-time games since 2013.

You might counter this by saying it’s the Vikings’ own fault they are lousy at night. But that’s not how coaches view things. They don’t look at a record and say, “that’s my team’s fault,” they look at the record and say, “if the media is writing about it that means someone doesn’t believe in us and that is motivation for my guys.”

This gets us back to the Pro Bowl topic. While Zimmer might publicly downplay the fact Peterson was the only Viking elected, the educated guess is he will have a far different message behind closed doors.

That message likely will touch on the fact that the Pro Bowl voting is done by players, coaches and fans and between all three parties they didn’t have enough respect for the Vikings to put more than one player in the game.

This will serve as the latest example of a slight directed toward the Purple. The team might be headed toward the playoffs for the first time since 2012, but Zimmer can tell his club that outside of Winter Park there are only doubters.

Will Zimmer believe this? That doesn’t matter. As long as his players do, the fact only one Viking was elected to the Pro Bowl will leave the coach smiling and many of his players motivated.

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