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Adrian Peterson didn’t agree with facemask call that led to Packers miracle

By Derek Wetmore

Lines are drawn in the sand and sides have been chosen.

If you saw the Packers’ miracle comeback win Thursday against the Lions on a deep heave of a Hail Mary pass, you probably have an opinion about the preceeding play.

The Packers were on their way to getting swept by the Lions this season, when a costly facemask penalty called against the Lions extended the game for one more play after the clock had already bled dry.

Aaron Rodgers was wrapped up and the clock read zero, but the refs called a facemask, which gave the Packers one final shot. They capitalized with an instant classic of a touchdown catch by Richard Rogers.

(Here’s a video of the Hail Mary, if somehow you missed it; and here’s a video from the NFL breaking down the penultiate play in the game.)

A certain rival player didn’t agree with the call.

Lol, i’m sorry but a thumb hitting the face mask isn’t pass interference! Heck of a play

— Adrian Peterson (@AdrianPeterson) December 4, 2015

I mean face-mask

— Adrian Peterson (@AdrianPeterson) December 4, 2015

With more than 1.1 million followers on Twitter, it’s safe to assume Peterson got a little feedback from the pair of tweets.

Why all the hate, a brother can’t speak his mind?! Guess what?! I forgive & love you still!

— Adrian Peterson (@AdrianPeterson) December 4, 2015

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