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Join us for the Season Opener Today at Fox and Hound

Hello Vikings Fans,

We have changed out meeting location from the Slate Street bar in Rio Rancho to the Fox and Hound Sports Tavern in Albuquerque to be more centralized. The more convenient location should make it possible for more people to attend plus the people who already go to the Fox and Hound to watch games. Unlike at Slate Street where we typically met in one space that was open to the rest of the bar, Fox and Hound will have a dedicated room for us inside the entrance to the right (Green Room). The room can seat 100 if the billiard tables are covered but we shouldn’t need them until we grow further. Along one wall are booths and there are tables next to the booths. All around the walls are TVs which will be tuned to the Vikings game plus we will be listening to the Vikings game.

This Sunday at 11am will be our season opener so it will be the first time to see our new team with the new coaching staff. We had a successful preseason winning all four games but as you know, preseason just isn’t the same as the regular season.

If you were following the news, the dreaded Green Bay team lost their opener Thursday night against Seattle. Green Bay was routed 36-16. Seattle is predicted to be the Super Bowl champion this year and they had a great start towards that goal.

We have posted the new Minnesota Vikings roster on our fan club site so you can see the current lineup which includes the University of Minnesota sensation, MarQuis Gray. The roster is full of information which you can check out here:

While you are surfing the web, I would appreciate those with a Facebook account stop by our fan page and like it plus leave a note… If you don’t have a Facebook account, you should have one, so just do it!

Furthermore, while surfing the web, please make one more stop at Yelp. Yelp is a great site for information on local events and places to go for entertainment, eating, etc. The local Yelp Community Leader, Howie, is a Vikings fan and hopefully our new location will be more convenient for him so he can start attending.

Fox and Hound will have their regular beer specials. $3 will get you a Sam Adams or Miller Light

Have some great news regarding the game this Sunday against the Rams. Fox and Hound is going to give us some Party Packs to give away.

You will have a chance to win a Party Pack which includes:

2 hours of pool for each person in your party
2 appetizer platters
2 chips and salas

The Party Packs can’t be used on Sunday, but can be used any time you wish to return with a group of your friends, co-workers, or whatever group of people you wish to bring back to the Fox and Hound! One good use would be to use them on the Thursday night game, October 2nd when we play Green Bay!!

Last but not least, don’t forget to sign up for Fox and Hounds All Star Club. It is a rewards program that allows you to get credit for purchases made at Fox and Hound or at their (sister company, Baileys) to be used to get you discounts and freebies on future visits. To encourage you to join the club, you will be sent back an email with a coupon for a FREE burger or sandwich. Sign up NOW so you can have a free burger or sandwich on Sunday!!

We have an exciting new team to cheer for and a fun new location with lots of freebies at which to enjoy the game with your friends. Please pass this mail along to any of your other football fans and especially Vikings Fans.

Fox & Hound Albuquerque
4301 The Lane @ 25 NE
(p) (505)344-9430
(f) (505)344-9462


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