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Report: Freeman eventually will start for Vikings

By Mike Florio

It looked obvious when the Vikings signed quarterback Josh Freeman.  Then, when the Vikings started talking about the situation, it became less obvious.

Now, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports says it’s inevitable.

Freeman eventually will start for the Vikings, at some point this year.

It makes sense.  If the Vikings want to find out whether they’ll transform their relationship with Freeman from rent to own, they need to see what Freeman can do.

They already know what Christian Ponder can do.  Or, more accurately, can’t do.  And it’s likely one of the reasons why Ponder, who supposedly is still the starter, didn’t start on Sunday even though he has been cleared to play.

Instead, Cassel started.  And he has thrown an interception.

Which could mean we’ll see Ponder later today.  And then Freeman as soon as next Monday night in New York.


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