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Favre puts to rest speculation that he’ll return

By Mike Florio

If we told you last week that a former Jets quarterback would on October 10 unretire again and wear No. 4 in New York, most would have guessed Brett Favre over David Garrard.

But it was Garrard, not Favre, who returned to the NFL on Favre’s 44th birthday.  And Favre says he won’t be following Garrard.

“I am [in shape], but I am no way considering playing,” Favre tells Lindsay Jones of USA Today.

Speculation regarding a possible Clemens-style return from Favre started with Bus Cook, Favre’s long-time agent.  Cook said last month that Favre could play “better than a lot of them out there today.”  Last Sunday, former Favre teammate Sterling Sharpe declared on NFL Network that Favre is in the “best shape of his life” — and Sharpe suggested that the Bills should sign him.

Favre runs or bikes every day, and he’s down to his playing weight of 220 pounds.  Per Jones, players at Oak Grove High School said Favre’s arm still can generate significant velocity.

Still, Favre said he’s done.  And one thing on which we can always rely is that, when Favre says he’s done, he’s done.



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