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5 Changes the Minnesota Vikings Should Make to Improve Their Offense

By Mike Nelson Hi-res-181914951-wide-receiver-cordarrelle-patterson-looks-on-during-a_crop_650x440 Cordarrelle Patterson was drafted to be a playmaker but the Vikings won’t let him be.

Harry Engels/Getty Images

Statistically, the Minnesota Vikings‘ offense resides just inside the top half of the league in total offense (15th, 350.5 yards per game).

But it doesn’t feel that way. Something ain’t right.

A run game that averaged 5.4 yards per carry last season is down almost a full yard (4.6).

The offensive line is at the root of that problem.

It was considered one of the best in 2012 but hasn’t gotten the push necessary to spring Adrian Peterson for big gains and struggles to keep its quarterback upright.

When that quarterback has been upright, he (Christian Ponder) has given Minnesota a consistently poor effort, which has decreased the value of the $47.5 million man (Greg Jennings) and the 2012 Pro Bowl MVP (Kyle Rudolph).

Add in a resurgent Jerome Simpson and a raw but extremely athletic Cordarrelle Patterson and the Vikings offense should be capable of so much more.

Inside are five adjustments that could help spark the Minnesota offense and allow the defense to continue at its abysmal pace.

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