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“I Don’t Expect Anything.” Matt Cassel Unsure Of Status For Sunday

Photo – Julian Finney (Getty Images)

By: Aj Mansour |

Minneapolis, MN – Dealing with the quarterback position in the state of Minnesota has never been an easy thing, at least in recent years. Whether it’s watching your 40-year old savior go down in a blaze of glory or questioning the competency of your new young gun, questions are almost a given within Minnesota when discussing the state of a starting quarterback.

Not much has changed for the Vikings who now have have three quarterbacks on roster who have started a combined 154 games since the 2008 season started.

While the recent addition of Josh Freeman has put the long-term status for Christian Ponder in question for the Vikings, a more pressing issue is in the short-term.

Ponder, who missed Minnesota’s week four game in London is reportedly still dealing with a fractured rib that sidelined him against the Steelers. In his absence, backup quarterback Matt Cassel took the reigns and passed for 248 yards and 2 TDs on his way to a 123.4 passer rating and a Minnesota win.

“Last week, along with this week, we don’t know if Christian is able to go,” backup QB Matt Cassel said. “The fact of the matter is that we are preparing a game plan that is for the Minnesota Vikings.”

As recently as Wednesday afternoon, Coach Frazier and the Vikings have continued to feed us the company line that they are not going to make a decision on a starter until Friday at the earliest. While most of the pundits are expecting that the start will go to Matt Cassel with a mixture of Ponder and Freeman serving as backup, inside the locker room it remains unknown.

“I don’t expect anything,” Matt Cassel said Wednesday afternoon. “My approach is always the same. I’ll be ready to play and if my opportunity comes up again, I’m going to be accountable to these guys and hopefully take advantage of it.”

Nearly two weeks ago, Cassel not only led the Vikings to their first win of the year, but presented Minnesota with their first display of a fluid offense. Two weeks later, his status is up in question.

“It’s the same as usual for me,” Cassel continued. “You go out there, get the game plan work as hard as you can to prepare for the week. I’m a firm believer of practice preparation becomes game reality so if we can get a lot or work done here, have some good practices then on Sunday’s it makes it a lot easier.”

Adding Josh Freeman into the mix this week hasn’t changed much according to Cassel who said that there has not been any tension in the quarterback’s meeting room this week.

“This is the NFL and there’s always something crazy going on,” Cassel said. “Inside this building, we’re going to go along as status quo. It’s our job to build that relationship, build that rapport and be ready to go. If it’s myself, Christian, Josh, whoever’s playing it’s one of those things that they have to do their job, we have to do our job.”

Whether or not Leslie has already made his decision on week six’s starting quarterback, one thing is for certain. No matter who starts week six for the Vikings, Monday night against the Giants for week 7 is completely up in the air.


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