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Is Ponder’s Rib Injury Pointing Towards A Cassel Start? One Former Vikings’ Great Says Yes.

Photo – Adam Bettcher (Getty Images)

By: Aj Mansour |

The Vikings have only been in London for two day and they are already stealing headlines back here in the states.

Early Wednesday morning (afternoon in London), Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier met the media and opened up a firestorm by saying that quarterback Christian Ponder would be limited at today’s practice after suffering a rib injury during the Vikings loss to the Cleveland Browns. Following the public press conference, Coach Frazier stepped to the side to pre-record an interview with KFAN’s Paul Allen that will be played back later Wednesday night on KFAN.

“[Christian] got hit in the ball game against cleveland,” Frazier told KFAN Wednesday. ” He finished and played a pretty good ball game for the most part. He’ll have to battle through some things this week in practice and we’ll see how he does.”

When asked whether or not Christian would start Sunday against the Steelers Frazier responded by saying, “I can’t guarantee it as we speak.”

As the news broke Wednesday morning, former Minnesota Vikings offensive guard Steve Hutchinson was in studio with the Power Trip Morning Show and he seemed to think that we might see Cassel get the nod on Sunday.

“[This injury announcement] is a little weird because ribs on a quarterback would be the one injury you would like to hide,” Hutchinson said. “All you’re doing is putting a target there. Not that people aren’t going to try to hit him anyway, that’s the name of the game. You might as well go out and say which rib on which side.”

Hutchinson continued to say that if the Vikings were planning on playing Ponder sunday, “you’d want to put on a flack jacket, tape him up and hide the fact that there’s anything wrong with him.”

Continuing his conversation with Paul Allen, Frazier further muddied the water saying that it’s not a matter of whether Ponder can make throws but, “more of whether or not he could take a hit or not in that area.”

“You don’t want to get to a point where you could have a rib puncture a lung anything like that because he falls on it awkwardly or he gets hit there and it becomes an issue. It’s the pain tolerance and what it does when he’s trying to do what he has to do as a quarterback.”

Meeting the media for the first time across the pond, Christian also seemed to be setting the scene for the potential of a Cassel start in London.

“My mind set is we’re going to do what’s best for the team,” Ponder explained. “If I can’t perform my regular duties, then Matt’s going to step in and play.”

The way that this is setting up, it’s surely going to be a game time decision come Sunday morning. That said, brace yourself Vikings fans. If this continues, it will surprise nobody to see #16 under center for Minnesota.

Aj Mansour covers Minnesota Sports for Feel free to leave comments and questions regarding this post in the space provided below. For Vikings updates and breaking Vikings news, follow Aj on Twitter. @AjKFAN

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