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Def. coordinator Alan Williams sheds light on coach-playcaller relay


EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier and defensive coordinator Alan Williams were both defensive backs coaches during the Indianapolis Colts’ Super Bowl season in 2006.

Williams said their history goes a long way in being a cohesive, clearly-communicated unit between a head coach and the defensive play caller.

“The neat thing is that Leslie [Frazier] has given me the flexibility to, when he suggests, it’s [just] a suggestion. When he strongly suggests, it’s maybe not a suggestion and [I’ll] go with it,” Williams said. “We’ve worked together before so I know when he wants to make a call.”

The dust has settled after the pair’s apparent lack of communication during the Chicago Bears’ final drive in the 31-30 loss at Soldier Field last Sunday and Williams spoke about their general discourse on Thursday.

Frazier put the blame on himself all week, saying there was more he could’ve done to inform his players and coaches during that game-losing drive for the Vikings’ defense.

“It was successful last year and it’ll be successful again this year,” Williams said. “We work real well together there. He does that with the offense and special teams as well. I think every coach in the NFL does it the same way.”

Frazier hired Williams in January 2012 after demoting former defensive coordinator Fred Pagac to linebacker coach following the season.

The Bears’ 10-play, 66-yard drive ended with a 16-yard touchdown pass to tight end Martellus Bennett, who ran a twist with receiver Earl Bennett on the only Vikings defender on that side of the hash marks in cornerback Chris Cook.

“We knew it was kind of a two-minute mode, they needed to score,” Williams said. “We always discuss those situations and [Frazier] says ahead of time, ‘hey, Alan, look for this let’s think about this,’ or, ‘I want to do this.’ That’s what he did ahead of time, before they even kicked off.”

The general consensus was a failure to execute the play call on the touchdown pass, but Frazier said he felt there was more he could’ve done — apparently besides what he told Williams before kickoff.

“We kind of got away from some things that we would ordinarily do in that situation,” Frazier said on Monday. “But that’s nothing to do with our coaches, that’s more to do with me because that’s something that if it’s our offense, if it’s our special teams, I’m on the headsets and I’m saying, ‘Let’s do this, let’s do that, whatever,’ and I could have helped with some strategy there.”


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