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One fan has taken the Christian Ponder bashing to the White House


MINNEAPOLIS — Christian Ponder played better Sunday, but that hasn’t eliminated the calls for his starting job. This particular call, however, seems a bit over the top.

A Vikings fan from St. Paul apparently has petitioned President Barack Obama to have Ponder removed by executive order as the Vikings starting quarterback, according to Brian Hall of

Based on an unscientific sampling of local media and fans, the tone on the Vikings has changed slightly following each of the season’s first two weeks. Depending on the fan, the Vikings’ 0-2 start signifies either that all hope is lost, or the Vikings have hit a minor speed bump on the way to a 14-2 season.

Christian Ponder was the most prominent topic of conversation and debate after the Vikings’ week one loss to the Lions. Then Ponder had a decent second half Sunday as other problems emerged in a loss to the Bears. The second-guessing has now shifted to Bill Musgrave, the play calling and Cordarrelle Patterson’s use.

Timing is everything, and the NFL is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately type of league.  With that in mind, wouldn’t it make more sense to start a grassroots ouster a week after Ponder lost a game for the Vikings?

Here’s the excerpt from

The petition reads: “Minnesota Vikings fans have had enough and it’s time for President Obama to do something about it! We as a state have stood loyally by our team and democratic principles only to suffer the atrocities of the 1998 NFC Champion game, the 2009 NFC Championship game and four years of Jesse Ventura. Mr. President, how long will you stand idly by as we suffer under the regime of Bill Musgrave and his inept offensive play calling abilities. Alas, Mr. President let our voices be heard.”

Admittedly, my attention is divided on game days because I run a fun discussion on our website – 1500ESPNLive, for those looking for a quick plug – but my eyes told me that Ponder was not the Vikings’ biggest concern Sunday.

And as a daily news consumer, my eyes also tell me that our president has bigger issues to worry about.

His Bears are 2-0 but look eminently beatable. And his Steelers are 0-2.


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