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League says Bears didn’t commit violation on game-winning play

By Mike Florio

When Bears quarterback Jay Cutler found tight end Martellus Bennett for the game-winning (with extra point) touchdown to beat the Vikings, the Bears weren’t lined up in an illegal formation.

We say that because plenty of Vikings fans have argued that they were, and that a flag should have been thrown.

The video shows eight players on the line of scrimmage, with both receivers on the right on the line of scrimmage.  In theory, one of them should have been off the ball.

The league says it’s not a violation.

When looking at a wide receiver on the outside and a receiver in the slot, the officials look for only a slight stagger.  In this case, Alshon Jeffrey is lined up slightly in front of Brandon Marshall.

The league doesn’t obsess over that point because the offense gains no advantage.  Both are wide receivers, both are eligible receivers.


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