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Don’t be surprised if Suh gets suspended

By Mike Florio

Ndamukong Suh has done it again.  And the end result could be a suspension.  Again.

During Sunday’s game against the Vikings, Suh applied a low block well behind the play on an interception return.  The block was both illegal and grossly unnecessary, since the lineman whose knee Suh lunged at had no chance of catching the linebacker who was heading to the end zone.

To no surprise, the league is reviewing the play for discipline.  To what should be no surprise if it happens, Suh could very well be suspended.

The illegal hit immediately positions Suh for discipline.  Suh’s history — which includes a two-game suspension for stomping on the arm of Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith during a 2011 Thanksgiving game — will be a factor.

If a suspension is going to happen, it will happen fairly quickly.  Then, Suh will have the ability to appeal the suspension via a process that, this year, rotates between Ted Cottrell and Matt Birk.

The potential involvement of Birk is intriguing, given that Birk played in the league during Suh’s first three seasons and surely knows what players think of him, even though Birk never faced Suh.

Regardless, there’s a strong to quite strong chance that Suh won’t be available when the Lions travel to Arizona for Week Two.


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