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Kevin Williams to miss first game from injury since 2005


EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams will miss his first NFL game due to injury since 2005 as he is still sidelined with a hyperextension and bone bruise in his right knee.

In 10 seasons, Williams has missed only four games — two from a suspension in 2011 and two from a right knee injury in 2005.

“I’ve been telling these guys since yesterday, kind of frustrating, never missed a game except for a suspension and maybe one way back when, but no one remembers that,” Williams said. “It’s a little frustrating because I feel good…I could probably try to play this week, but what’s the point in doing that and missing four more after.”

Coach Leslie Frazier officially ruled Williams out in the regular season opener against the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Frazier said Williams will be the only Vikings player not suiting up due to injury.

Williams has been out since Aug. 25, when he took an unexpected low block from San Francisco 49ers guard Joe Looney in a preseason game. The play was widely considered dirty as Williams was away from the action and Looney’s block had no bearing on the outcome.

The NFL ruled the hit legal.

Looney, in his third year, made the 49ers’ final roster, but the two teams are not scheduled to play in the regular season.

“I haven’t heard from him,” Williams said. “He says he wasn’t trying to, but what he said and what he did are two different things. I see no place for it, he could’ve hit me high.”

Williams said he just recently came off a crutch he had to use to get around in the weeks following the hit. Still, the veteran said he would be “shocked” if he didn’t play in Week 2 at the Chicago Bears on Sept. 15.

“It did bruise the bone pretty bad and it did have the hyper extension on the PCL,” Williams said. “It all has to get together and heal up, the swelling is out now we have to let the injury heal.”

Williams’ absence opens the door for rookie defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd, who has also been sidelined since the middle of the preseason with a knee injury. But Frazier and Floyd both said the knee was fine.

“Obviously I’m going to see things I didn’t see in practice, but I’m going to play my keys and everything will take care of itself,” Floyd said. “It isn’t my first day here, I think I’ll be alright.”


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