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Football Outsiders projects that Vikings could be worst team in NFL


Could the Minnesota Vikings go from being a playoff team in 2012 to being the worst in the NFL one year later? thinks so.

In its latest 2013 season projection, the well-regarded pro football analytics site has the Vikings saddled with an NFL-worst 4.9% chance of making the playoffs and a predicted win total of 5.7 wins. Overall, the Vikings are rated 26th.

This is another addition to the litany of league-wide preseason speculation, but Football Outsiders’ predictions are based on a complex formula that weighs in numerous factors like past performance trends, injury history and quarterback experience.

Denver and Seattle are slotted in with the highest projected mean win total (10.7 and 10.6 respectively), but the site has the New England Patriots with the top odds to win the Super Bowl (16.4%)

Football Outsiders is the latest voice in the growing crew of NFL analysts and other media outlets that are down on the Vikings as the season gets set to begin.


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