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Power Rankings Roundup: Where Do The Vikings Stand?


Vikings PR

We cruise around the interweb to see where various sites and experts have the Vikings slotted in their weekly power rankings…


17. Minnesota Vikings: Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record survived Adrian Peterson‘s onslaught by 8 yards last year. In 2013, it might not be so lucky.

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16. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings start the 2013 season smack in the middle of the pack.  They likely won’t finish there. The unlikely 2012 wild-card team will get either a lot better with the development of a strong passing game, or a lot worse without it.

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18. Minnesota Vikings: If Adrian Peterson repeats one of the greatest seasons ever, they’ll go higher. But Christian Ponder keeps them here.

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13. Minnesota Vikings: Do Vikings fans trust Christian Ponder right now?  If there is any team whose fate truly hinges on its quarterback, it’s the Vikings.  He didn’t look bad in San Francisco in week three of the preseason – but he did in week two.  The other key?  How will these Vikings fare against the top opposing quarterbacks?

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Associated Press

16. Minnesota Vikings

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CBS Sports

18. Minnesota Vikings: As long as Adrian Peterson is in the backfield, Christian Ponder just has to play smart. The defense is solid up front, but I wonder about them against the elite passers.

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