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Jared Allen says NFL can 'fine me' for comments on hit to Williams

by Andrew Krammer

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen expressed disappointment in the NFL after Tuesday’s practice, even welcoming the league to fine him for his comments on the hit to defensive tackle Kevin Williams.

On Sunday, Williams was unexpectedly hit at the knees by San Francisco 49ers guard Joe Looney in the third quarter and was out the rest of the game. A MRI revealed no ligament damage to the knee, but Williams will miss at least the rest of the preseason with a hyperextension and bone contusion.

“It’s one thing if it’s a cut, but [Williams] doesn’t see [him], he’s running down after the ball and the dude hits him in the knee from the side,” Allen said. “It has no bearing on the play.”

The NFL revamped its rulebook in the offseason to now eliminate “peel-back” blocks at any place on the field. Previously, these blocks were legal inside the tackle box.

A peel-back block is defined as an offensive player hitting/cutting a defensive player as they run towards their own endzone. The point of the rule is to protect defenseless defenders, much like the NFL protects defenseless receivers.

Williams was running sideline-to-sideline when he was hit, so it doesn’t qualify for the new rule. But, Allen said his teammate was clearly defenseless.

“I’m just saying, be consistent. How is he not a defenseless player?” Allen said. “You go back and look at that play and tell me he’s not a defenseless player. He has no idea that that guy was there. He could have hit [Williams] in the chest, and he chose to duck down and hit his knee.”

Allen used the hit as a microcosm for what he feels is a double standard of defensive players being fined where offensive players are not.

“It’s bad enough we have to deal with adjacent [offensive lineman], where an offensive lineman can engage us and the adjacent offensive lineman can chop our leg,” Allen said.

Allen was fined $21,000 last season for a block he threw during an Antoine Winfield interception return — one that ended guard Lance Louis’ season. He claimed at the time and again on Tuesday that he had no intent to go after Louis’ knee.

“My problem with this play [against Williams] is its intent,” Allen said. “He ducked down and hit him in the knee, it was intent to hit him in the knee. If the league can’t see that, they can fine me for this because that’s absurd.”

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