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Jared Allen Bashes League Ruling On Low-Blow Hit

Photo – Aj Mansour (KFAN)

By: Aj Mansour |

Minneapolis, MN – Earlier today we posted a blog that discussed the harsh words and criticism that Vikings players had directed towards 49ers offensive lineman Joe Looney who took out the knee of Kevin Williams on Sunday night. Since learning that the league was not planning on fining Looney and deemed the hit a perfectly legal hit, the situation has gotten even more contentious.

After a blistering practice Tuesday afternoon, the Vikings NFLPA player representative Jared Allen took to the mic and had some very harsh words directed towards the league and those who called the hit legal.

The following is a transcript of Jared’s interview…

“[Joe Looney] had a perfect opportunity to hit him in the chest. He could have taken that block up high, but he intentionally went to his knee. We want to talk about protecting player safety and all that stuff. Well, I got fined for a hit up high because they said that I launched into a guy, right? If he hits Kevin in the chest, if something happens, that’s part of it. But when you intentionally duck and go to a guys knee, I mean it had no bearing on the play. We talk about player safety, you talk about wanting to protect us, how is Kevin not a defenseless player? So for me that’s absurd, it’s absolutely absurd. It’s just not what you do. It’s just not what you do.”

“[If it were a quarterback getting hit] it’d be a fine. But Kevin’s a defensive player. Think about it, even if it’s a receiver, if it was anything. If a defensive player would have hit an offensive lineman in the knee like that on an interception, they’re going to call it. Just because he wasn’t going back towards his endzone they say it’s not the peel back rule but the intent was to take his knee out. He could have hit him right in the chest, it would have been no problem and no one would have said anything. If Kevin would have gotten hurt on that, that happens. But when you intentionally duck and put your helmet or put your shoulder pad into a guy’s knee, in my place there’s no room for that.”

“It happened to me in Detroit and they said the same thing, it wasn’t an illegal block. He was on the ground and lunged right into my knee ten yards behind the play. Again, I have a problem when we talk about player safety in this league and we have a clear case of a guy intentionally trying to hurt a guy and we do nothing about it and we pat him on the back and say it’s ok.”

“It’s one thing if it’s a cut, but [Kevin] doesn’t see him. He’s running down after the ball and the dude hits him in the knee from the side? It has no bearing on the play. If it’s a cut where you can play yourself..It’s bad enough that we have to deal with adjacent, where an offensive lineman can engage us and the adjacent offensive lineman can chop our legs. It;s bad enough that we have to deal with a motioning tight end coming in on a pass rush situation where we’re focused on the tackle and they can come in and take our ears out, you know? I’m just saying, be consistent! How is he not a defenseless player? You got back and look at that play and you tell me he’s not a defenseless player. He has no idea that that guy is there and that dude could have taken him up high. He could have hit him right in the chest and he chose to duck down and hit him in his knee. Needless to say I’m a little upset about it. And I would be upset if it wasn’t even my teammate. If I saw it on anybody else. If you get hurt in the course of the game and it’s a block, people get blind sided, it happens right? To intentionally take somebody’s knee out, to me it’s just dirty.”

“I got fined from the league for [my hit in Chicago]. They said I launched in to him. It was a case where we were on an interception, I was blocking the guy, but I didn’t go in there with the intent to take his knee out. Now imagine what the fine would have been if I would have knifed his knee? The recourse on that. I got fined $25,000 or something like that. I got fined something hefty because they said I launched and they said he was a defenseless player. My problem with this play is it’s intent. He ducked down to hit him in the knee. It was intent to hit him in the knee. If the league can’t see that they can fine me for this because it’s absurd.”

“He could have hit Kevin clean in the chest and we have been sitting here making fun of Kevin for getting blind sided. But now, you take a guy in the knee and you’re watching a guy’s knee complete fold back. For me I got problems with that.”

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