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Simply A Decoy; Adrian Peterson Heads To The Sidelines After 2 Plays

Photo – Aj Mansour (KFAN)

By: Aj Mansour |

The long-awaited preseason for Adrian Peterson turned out to be nothing more than a decoy for Leslie Frazier and the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night in San Francisco.

All week long, head coach Leslie Frazier and the Minnesota Vikings prepared for the third preseason game with Adrian Peterson a part of the game plan. At least that was the public perception. In reality, Peterson took the field for the start Sunday night but simply served as a play-action decoy two plays in a row before heading to the sidelines where his night is seemingly over.

There is some thought to getting Peterson a limited amount of preseason work so that he comes out of the gates ready on September 8th. That said, Peterson played zero snaps during the 2012 preseason after recovering from a torn ACL during the offseason and ended the year with pretty good statistics. Despite a slow start through the first four weeks of the season, Peterson ended the year with 2,097 and twelve touchdowns.

Toby Gerhart is currently on the field with the first team offense and will likely finish the night with the starters.

Aj Mansour covers Minnesota Sports for Feel free to leave comments and questions regarding this post in the space provided below. For Vikings updates and breaking Vikings news, follow Aj on Twitter. @AjKFAN

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