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Moon talks Cris Carter, young quarterbacks, and more

By Mike Florio

If you aren’t watching PFT Live every weekday at noon ET or clicking the box on the right rail any time of the day or night for the full show or, as the final fallback, downloading the audio in podcast format on iTunes (our sponsors prefer that you watch the show . . . and we prefer to keep our sponsors moderately happy), you’re missing plenty of strong-to-quite-strong NFL-related content and guests.

Earlier this week, for example, you missed Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon.

A first-ballot inductee to Canton who still ranks fifth on the all-time career NFL passing yardage list, Moon talked about a variety of topics, including the best receiver he ever played with, Moon’s likely passing numbers if he were still in the league, his relationship with Cris Carter in Minnesota, the trend toward mobile quarterbacks and how he would have fared in that style of offense, the young quarterbacks poised to take over the game, and more.

Moon appeared in connection with his new role with Athletes Performance, which is one of the other topics addressed in the segment.

The spot begins (and, if I recall correctly, ends) with an appearance by the 1995 Startling Lineup Warren Moon action figure, one of the first to feature a player in no-pads practice gear.  (The PFT archives include several other Starting Lineup figures, including but not limited to Hardy Nickerson sporting the Bucco Bruce uniform.)

Source: ProFootballTalk

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