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Vikings still quiet about Adrian Peterson in the preseason

MANKATO, Minn. — They’d be crazy to do it, right?

A season after Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson ran for 2,097 yards when coming off a torn ACL, MCL and zero preseason snaps, the Vikings are still keeping mum about whether or not he will play on Friday at the Buffalo Bills.

“We are going to talk about [Peterson] as well and see if this is the week we want to put him out there or if we want to wait another week,” Coach Leslie Frazier said. “We are actually going to talk about that in the next day or two.”

Frazier said it best in June when addressing the media after a week of mandatory minicamps: “Good health for Adrian Peterson makes us all smile.”

So why, after Peterson added 217 yards on 40 receptions for a 2,314-yard total last season (and claimed the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award), would you ever consider playing him, not just in the second game of the preseason, but at all?

Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave was even less detailed when asked about Peterson’s potential preseason workload.

“We haven’t talked about our personnel yet. We will,” Musgrave said. “We are still in training camp mode. We will have those meetings and then make a determination in those meetings.”

One thought is for the Vikings to keep Peterson in the dark about it. Not that Peterson needs any extra motivation, but keeping him on his toes may be the best option instead of letting him know he has the next three weeks off.

The other side of the coin is that the Vikings are actually considering giving Peterson a few snaps, potentially at Buffalo or at San Francisco on Aug. 25.

Peterson said he’s indifferent about getting snaps in the preseason, adding that he does plenty of work on his own to prepare for week one.

“Um, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter to me,” Peterson said. “I’m going to be ready to play. I come out and practice hard. If I get reps in the preseason, I’m in for it, if not, I’ll still be ready to go.”

Frazier has shown he’s a man that sticks to his plan, evident by quarterback Christian Ponder’s two snaps in Friday’s preseason opener. Frazier told his players before the game that the starting offense would get one series, no matter the snaps, and even with players lobbying for more time — Frazier said no.

“We’re going to try and get into that second quarter [at Buffalo] depending on the number of plays,” Frazier said about the first-team offense. “We put a number of plays, along with time where we like to be in the second quarter so we’ll see which comes first and then make a determination.”

We’ll see if the first-team offense includes Peterson on Friday.

by Andrew Krammer

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