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Vikings ‘debating’ using Cordarrelle Patterson in return game

MANKATO, Minn. — Minnesota Vikings first-round pick Cordarrelle Patterson is forty pounds heavier and three inches taller than former Vikings receiver Percy Harvin, yet they’ve been compared as similar players.

The comparison is a testament to Patterson’s agility and ability to accelerate after changing directions on a dime, but it’s not a forgone conclusion that Patterson replaces Harvin as the team’s dynamic retuner — or even if he gets a chance to do so.

“We want to take a look at Stephen Burton a little bit. We’re probably going to give Bobby Felder a chance. We’re debating about whether or not we want [Cordarrelle] Patterson to have a chance to do it as well,” Frazier said Monday. “Jarius Wright may get an opportunity. So we have a few candidates to potentially take a look at and we’ll just see how it goes as the game unfolds.”

The carousel of returners will get its first test during Friday’s preseason opener, but Frazier said the debate is about whether to give Patterson a chance. The Vikings may want another guy to step up and let Patterson focus on the playbook and emerge as a receiving threat.

“I really don’t know,” Patterson said after Tuesday’s walkthrough. “I’m just out here trying to compete. At [the University of] Tennessee, that was D-I, this is the NFL, everything out here is a lot faster, a lot better. We’ll see what happens.”

Patterson dazzled crowds in his one year of D-I football with a kick return and punt return for touchdowns — only the second player in UT history to do so.

If the turntable of Burton, Felder and Wright don’t get it done, the Vikings may have to end the debate and try their dynamic rookie at the goal line.

“The preseason games are huge for us,” Special teams coach Mike Priefer said.
by Andrew Krammer

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