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Jared Allen ‘disappointed’ by changes made to Pro Bowl format

MANKATO, Minn. — Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen spoke less than three minutes about his distaste for the new Pro Bowl rules recently unveiled by the NFL.

And, boy, does Allen dislike the changes.

“I’m disappointed that’s it’s come to this. We’re always trying to find some way to create new ratings, new fan experience. At some point it needs to be about the players. This is our honor,” Allen said after Friday’s practice. “And now a two-minute drill at the end? We might as well play 7-on-7, have us sign some autographs after and we’ll go hang by the pool.”

Allen has some points. The NFL announced it will do away with kickoffs, shorten the playclock, form a “game within a game” that adds a two-minute warning to the first and third quarters as well as “captain’s choice” format — the captains being Hall of Famers Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice.

Oh, and the draft of players, conducted by Rice and Sanders, that also doesn’t take into account NFC or AFC affiliation, will be televised on NFL Network with the cable network who holds the Super Bowl rights that year grabbing the Pro Bowl coverage.

“The Pro Bowl was better when it was after the Super Bowl,” Allen said. “Because it was truly about the players, it was truly about the all stars.”

“I remember my first Pro Bowl, it was one of the greatest times of my career. These new rules I hear are kind of disappointing. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.”

“Football is football, from it’s purest form. From kickoff to kickoff return, and now you’re taking a Pro Bowl spot away from a Josh Cribbs, from a Percy Harvin, who made his first Pro Bowl as a return guy. For me, I think you’re cheating the players.”

by Andrew Krammer

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