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Kalil Carrying Healthier Weight In 2013

Photo: Aj Mansour (KFAN)

By: Joe Nelson |

Mankato, MN – Matt Kalil weighed in last season at 308 pounds. The left tackle dominated edge rushers for the majority his rookie season, but in his mind he was just getting started.

To get better in 2013, Kalil went through a body transformation during the offseason.

“I got down to about 290 (pounds),” Kalil said. “Cut down a little bit… trying to lose the baby fat and all that.”

Kalil shed the baby fat and replaced it with healthy weight.

“I changed my diet a little bit. I feel great out there. Stamina is good… feel a lot better, feel a lot healthier. Joints feel a lot better, and that makes all the difference in what you eat and different supplements you take and all that.”

How much is he eating to maintain the healthy weight?

“It’s close to like 5,000 a day. I’m taking three shakes in-between that are about 800 calories each.”

Kalil’s diet includes a lot of sweet potatoes, pastas, chicken and steak “instead of McDonald’s or Wing Stop.”

He also changed his workout routine.

“Working on lower body a little bit with explosion. I think I got my routine down for the next 9, 10 years or however long I play in this league.”

He says “gaining strength with that weight” will help against elite pass-rushers like Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and Terrell Suggs.

“If I do well against them and come out of the game alive, that’s definitely an accomplishment for me.”

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