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Sullivan: HGH In NFL Not As Common As Most Think

Photo by: Aj Mansour (KFAN)
By: Joe Nelson |
Vikings center John Sullivan joined Paul Allen and Ben Leber after the Tuesday morning training camp walkthrough. The topic that eventually came up was the use of human growth hormone (HGH) in the NFL.
The NFL is currently trying to develop a method to test players for HGH, and a population study could be carried out before the end of training camp.
“We got word of that a few weeks ago,” Sullivan said of the potential testing. “The one thing I’d like is just more information to be out there about what’s really going on. There are a lot of question marks. As far as being tested for HGH, I’m fine with it. I’ve got nothing to hide. It only helps to clean up the game.”
The population study the NFL plans on conducting is the first step towards legalized random testing of players, but when and where players can be tested is still a work in progress.
“They wanted 24/7 access to the players,” Sullivan said of the NFL’s plans to test. “There was talk of drawing blood at halftime if they had to, which is just not acceptable. After a game… fine… but you have to work those things out and its gotta be agreed on. There’s a lot more to this whole thing than the process of the testing. It’s a labor union issue.”
Sullivan isn’t the first Viking to welcome blood tests. Adrian Peterson has been answering questions about HGH since winning MVP honors a year after tearing his ACL. Peterson claims he’s “all natural” and welcomes HGH testing.
The common perception that the majority of NFL players are not all natural is simply false, according to Sullivan.
“I’m not also of the opinion that it’s as widespread a problem as you would read in a lot of places. I saw some figure the other day that said ’60-percent’ … somebody guessed that. It’s just completely ridiculous,” he said.
Let’s just hope NFL players are a little more honest than MLB players. Denial of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball has ruined the integrity of America’s former favorite pastime.
Note: Sullivan is rooting for rookie linebacker Michael Mauti to make the team. Mauti has torn his ACL three times, and he’s on his way back from one he suffered during his final season at Penn State.
“Mauti has worked incredibly hard and he looks great. He’s sinking into that knee, he’s cutting off it. I could not be happier for the kid. If there’s a guy out here that deserves some good fortune to make this team, it’s him.”

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