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Newcomer Desmond Bishop to start training camp at weak-side linebacker

MANKATO, Minn. — As players reported to training camp on Thursday, Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier ended speculation that newcomer Desmond Bishop would usurp Erin Henderson at middle linebacker

Instead, Frazier said Bishop will fill Henderson’s spot at weak-side linebacker to start training camp.

“Since [Bishop] is coming in so late,” Frazier said, . “We need to indoctrinate him into our way of doing things from a defensive standpoint. We think the best way of getting that done is starting him off on the outside.”

Frazier said Henderson will continue the transition to middle linebacker when practices start on Friday.

“[Erin] should be encouraged, we’re adding more good players to our roster,” Frazier said. “All of our players should be encouraged.”

Bishop donned a shirt with a green bishop on the front as he addressed the media when checking in for training camp.

Thursday could mark one of the last times he’ll wear green around his new teammates, the majority of which Bishop said he hadn’t even met yet since he signed in late June.

“I knew Chad Greenway a little before this, got a chance to text with him a little bit,” Bishop said. “But other than that, this is my first go-around with the guys.”

Bishop jumped the border from the Green Bay Packers to the Vikings this offseason along with former free agent Greg Jennings and the two are pegged to room together during training camp – something Bishop said they never did in Green Bay.

Bishop sat out of the 2012 season with a torn right hamstring, but said he’s sure it’s a non-issue without even putting pads on.

“I put myself through some workouts, tested it as much as I could and I’m 110 percent positive it’ll hold up,” Bishop said. “So I have no fear. No limitations.”

The Green Bay Packers play a 3-4 defensive scheme, but Bishop said it’ll take no transition to switch to the Vikings’ 4-3.

“My entire life I’ve played a 4-3,” Bishop said. “Just recently I switched to a 3-4.”

by Andrew Krammer

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